Where Does Wonder Lead You?

I wonder ...

Why? What? How? 

Most of us do.

We want answers especially when the unknown yawns directly in front of us:

  • Symptoms require medical tests
  • An expected phone call does not come
  • Plans must be placed on hold

When the answers come, wonder vaporizes. We know what to do. We have the next step—the next course of action. Living in the dark has been circumvented.

2017, Tracy K Pratt, In My Own Little World

Too often, we walk away from wonder

and miss something better than answers. 

What if wonder was not a door to answers but trust?

The eighteen-months-old toddler fussed as he sat on his mother’s left hip, wrapped in her left arm. Her right hand stirred the boiling rice. He swayed like a crane looking to grip something—anything outside the circumference of his

His whiney chant ceased. He swiveled upright.

What was that dangly shimmery thing in front of his nose?

His hand opened like the crane's claw and reached, but his mother shifted away from the stove. More shininess blinged on the other side of his mother's face. He lunged across her chest and grabbed a fistful of hair.


He swung back to his first sparkly discovery. Back and forth the little crane swayed. His mother set the hot pan on the cold back burner and carried him to the couch. They sat face-to-face. Her earrings swung in unison. He leaned side to side watching them dance.

Answers did not matter.

In his circle of security, the mystery was enough.

  In circumstances of uncertainty, we ache for answers that lead out of the unknown.

·      Will the radiation eradicate the breast cancer?

·      Will the birth mother rescind her decision to give up her newborn?

·      Why does the son's phone go to voicemail a fifth time since morning?

·      Is it time for a widow to move in with her daughter or assisted living?

When we thrash for answers, we stir the childlike wonder imbedded in our ageless souls for the unanswerable mystery that is God.

What does resting in mystery look like?

Pick me up Daddy.jpg

God's embrace secures us in the unknown

The absence of answers invites trust in his sovereign goodness and unconditional love, which circumstances cause us to question. In his lap, we experience our good does not require a way out of wondering, but a way in — to trusting him by being with him.

What is your "Why?" ... Your "When?"... Your "How?"

Where is your uncertainty? 

Enlarge your wonder.

Let go of the questions. Take a deep breath. Settle on the hip of God. Hear him whisper.

He is with you in the unknown.