Anticipatory Grief : The Journey of a Thousand Losses and Endless Grace

We grieve after the death of a loved one, but what about before? Yes, it is true. We do. The soul cries, “This should not be”at the first sign death comes to what we treasure. Common but unique, we all travel through the autumn of loss. I wish I had know about anticipatory grief during my twenty-four year journey with my daughter, Hannah. This book is the answer to my young self and to others in the very real yet often mis-identified season.

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We are all fellow pilgrims in grief before the final loss of our treasures, which are not just illness robbing us of people we love. The season includes disintegrating relationships like a failing marriage, or transitions such as retirement or children leaving home. This book encourages us to see grief as a gift — one for which we would never ask. It proves trustworthy as we follow its lead to gifts of grace.