Once upon a

time things were as they should be. The earth dressed in endless summer. Innocence reigned. There was a happily ever after. Evil was absent in the Garden of Eden and all creation. With one bite of fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, we all face death and the journey to it. One day winter comes to what we love. And we grieve.

Anticipatory grief accompanies anyone expecting some kind of loss such as the loss of a house or job, or a loved one fighting cancer. We battle with hope that death will not come, and grieve each little loss. As they increase, normal days become unpredictable. Emotionally chaotic.

From the first hint death will come, to the final loss, anticipatory grief, our uninvited but trustworthy companion, leads us to discover waiting without wanting in the lap of God where we can know mercy's grace in sorrow's grief.